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Lotería Nacional


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Winning chances

For the Lotería Nacional draws we have to take in count the series. For instance, on Thursday draws there are 6 series for 100,000 numbers; whereas on Saturday's draws there are 10 series for 100,000 numbers.

Thursday's draw:

Prize category Probability (%) Probability (1 out of X)
Special prize (5 numbers and serie) 0.00017% 600,000
First prize (5 numbers) 0.001% 100,000
Refund 10% 10

Saturday's draw:

Prize category Probability (%) Probability (1 out of X)
Special prize (5 numbers and serie) 0.0001% 1,000,000
First prize (5 numbers) 0.001% 100,000
Refund 10% 10

Special and extraordinary draws:

There is a wide variety of special and extraordinary draws that Lotería Nacional does during a year (Christmas's draw, Summer's extraordinary, for the National day, etc). Every one of those have it's own attributes, so is best to have a closer look to the details for each one.

The tenth, serie, fraction and bill

  • The tenthem> is de necessary document to participate in the draws.
  • The serie includes all the bills for one numbers, so they go from 00000 to 99999.
  • The fraction identifies every one of the 10 tenths for a single bill (so a tenth with the very same number and serie it is distinguished by the fraction).
  • The bill corresponds to the 10 tenths of the same number and serie.

Featured info

 To play Lotería Nacional 5 numbers must be choosen from 0 to 9 and it has different kind of draws depending on the day: for instance, on Thursday a tenth costs €3, whereas on Saturday it costs 6€, in special draws €12 and the extraordinary ones cost between €15 to €20; the prizes depend on the price of the tenth, the higher it costs, the the higher the prize is.

 Lotería Nacional it's a Spanish gambling game, just like La Primitiva, so it is only played in Spain and it is managed by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

 The Lotería Nacional prizes are fixed, so it has not an accumulative pot. With no doubts, the biggest one if the Christmas draw called El Gordo (the Jackpot) and it is awarded with €400,000 per tenth... Can you imagine having the 10 tenths?

 On 28 February 1814 it was drawn the very first one, named by then as Lotería Nacional de billetes (National Lottery of bills). Later on, under Fernando VII reigning it was renamed to Lotería Moderna (Modern Lottery); when the Trieno Constitucional (1820 - 1823) it was named again Lotería Nacional; but when Fernando VII was back it renamed again to Lotería Moderna and, after his deatch, it was finally named back to it's original name: Lotería Nacional.