Lottery La Primitiva

La Primitiva


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Last results

Winning chances

Price category Probability (%) Probability (1 out of X)
6 numbers + Refund (Jackpot) 0,0000007% 139.838.160
6 numbers 0,0000072% 13.983.816
5 numbers + C 0,000043% 2.330.636
5 numbers 0,0018% 55.491
4 numbers 0,096% 1.032
3 numbers 1,77% 56.6
Refund 10% 10

Additional game: El Joker

It's a La Primitiva extra draw and it can be acquired for €1. Its participations it not depend over the bet, it depends over the ticket instead; if in our La Primitiva ticket we've checked the El Joker mark, we will get a random number that belongs to our El Joker bet.

 The winning prize for getting all the numbers is €1,000,000.

 The very first El Joker draw was on 23 September 2012.

 You can participate daily or weekly.

 55% of the income go for the prizes; however, El Joker Jackpot has a fixed prize, so only the needed amount will be used to make the payments awarded.

Featured info

 The draw days are on Thursday and Saturday and take place in Madrid (Spain). To play La Primitiva 6 numbers must be choosen between 1 and 49; the bet prize is €1.

 La Primitiva it's a Spanish gambling game, just like Lotería Nacional, and because of this, it is only played in Spain, being managed by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

 One of the biggest pots was awarded in Tavernes Blanques (València) on 3 January 2019, winning the Jackpot (that means hitting 6 numbers and refund), for a €78 Millions prize. The probability of winning the Jackpot is 1 out of 139.838.160.

 The very first La Primitiva draw was on 10 december 1763 and was called Lotería por Números, by the hands of the Carlos III Government. It was born in a request of the marquis Esquilache, a way to get money for the Government without the needs of creating a new tax.

 Important to say is that on September 2016 the number 12 was added and on 10 May 2011 Tuesday was added as a draw day.